Sound Healing


Photography of sound therapy Sound is known to affect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of humans. The use of sound or music to positively or negatively affect health, mood and consciousness has been known for thousands of years. Many cultures use sound to facilitate healing, meditation and religious experience. From a scientific perspective, the whole universe and everything arranges itself in mathematical proportions the way music does.


Harmony Acupuncture and Sound Healing incorporates sound therapy and Acutonics® with the 3,000 year-old diagnostic insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In fact, if patients are not comfortable with the thought of acupuncture needles, they may find this non-invasive technique using calibrated tuning forks to be a powerful healing modality for them.


  • Sound therapy works by itself or in combination with any of the traditional acupuncture methods.
  • Sound therapy with Acutonics® enhances physiological functioning through helping energy harmonize in the meridian channels or pathways and organ systems of the human body.
  • Sound therapy has the added advantage of influencing the total body resonance to re-establish healing rhythms. You may consider that each part of the physical body, down to the sub-atomic level has its own frequency and therefore its own particular sound.
  • Healing with sound therapy is exceptionally helpful in treating stress and emotional conditions.


Precision calibrated tuning forks can be applied to specific acupuncture and acupressure points that access the body's Meridians of energy. Listening to and applying the forks to the body and above it stimulate and balance the body's subtle energies to promote healing and inner balance/harmony.


The rich resonance from the tuning forks, along with Tibetan bowls and other instruments, helps connect us with and supports the body's natural frequencies in the muscles, bones, tissue and even cells to help balance the whole body, the physical, mental and spiritual.


Why Does Sound Healing Work?


"Sound is a powerful and creative healing force used by cultures around the world for thousands of years to transform body, mind and spirit. Every cell in our bodies is a sound resonator. Every cell lives in a rhythmic pattern. Each organ and system has its own cycle, rhythm, pattern and pulse. These body systems respond to sound vibrations as does our spiritual, mental and emotional consciousness. Sound healing seeks to harmonize and balance the soma, psyche, and soul and to reconnect us with the natural rhythm, pulses, cycles and flow of our world and the Universe." – Donna Carey, Founder of Kairos Institute of Sound Healing in Seattle, Washington. Acutonics ® is a system of healing developed by Kairos Institute.


Will sound healing tools be good for you as a patient? The best way to determine that is to examine your state of being, before, during and after a treatment. Does the session bring more of our true selves into manifestation? Is there a sense of peace, centeredness, and relaxation that continues more than a couple hours? Are you more creative in the next week?


Resonance and Sound
Many believe cells in our body are sound resonators that function in rhythmic patterns. Also, consider that our body is 80 percent water, and sound travels much faster in water than in air (four times faster). Physiotherapists use ultrasonic vibrations to create internal massage, as do the tuning forks and other instruments. Each organ and body system has its own cycle and rhythm. These body systems respond to sound vibrations, such as do our emotions to a beautiful piece of music.


There are two types of resonance, physical and emotional, that are important in healing. Physical resonance results from the vibrating of molecules and causing the molecules in that energy system to synchronize with itself into standing waves. The human body is a self-organizing system of cells and energy, and is full of standing waves that are constantly using standing waves to maintain their existence. Your body wants to maintain a balanced energy or vibrational frequencies for increased health, longevity and greater life force. In acupuncture, this balance refers to the Yin and Yang. Acupuncturists can use needles or tuning forks placed at special points on the body to help balance the body's energy, thus leading to better health, relief of pain, etc.


There is also emotional resonance. As human beings we have two aspects of being, the physical and the emotional. These are two energy systems that interact with each other vibrationally. Which means that music, from the physical perspective, influences your feelings or emotions. Don't you feel really good with certain types of music... and some types of music you cannot stand? You body and energies resonate favorably with those certain types of music that you especially like.


Thus resonance infers that:


  1. Sound and music influence your emotions. There is an energy transfer from the physical plane to the emotional plane.
  2. Your emotions influence your physical body. This is an energy transfer from the emotional plane back to the physical plane.
  3. Harmonious music/sound equals harmonious feelings, and also equals good health.


"Sound reaches down to the cellular level. It is mostly likely that sound patterns are really the dance of molecules and atoms." – Vickie Dodd's book, Sound as a Tool for Transformation.

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